How To Get Better Battery Life From Your iPhone

The development of technology over the time has given us great smartphones which have made our life much easier. Smartphones are more than just devices and turning as a basic utility for everyone. There is no doubt that apple devices are one of the leading cell phone manufacturing companies which are ruling the market with their innovative designs. However, when you have to use your phone all day long to keep a check on your emails, messages, and other business activities, the time for which your battery last definitely drops. If you want to get better battery management, here are a few important tips recommended by Cell Phone Repair Humble Services.

Cell Phone Repair Humble

Brightness: a bright screen seems good to use your phone but it is not only draining your phone’s battery but also secretly straining on your eyes. So, it is very important that you must keep your brightness to a level where you don’t need to struggle for watching the content over the screen. Moreover, the brightness level adjusts automatically according to your battery even though you have it on maximum. So it is better to keep brightness close to the halfway to get better battery life.

Network connection: you may be thinking that how a network connection could affect your phone’s battery life but when you pick a network which does not has good signal strength, your smartphone has to struggle in order to find good signal strength giving you better user experience. To get better battery life, it is very important that you must either use a good quality network connection or prefer to put your phone on airplane mode when your phone is struggling to get network.

Wallpapers: yes! you read it right. Your choice of wallpaper can also affect the time for which your cell phone’s battery lasts. If you have a nice bright colored wallpaper on your screen then the battery usage to display such colors is more as compared to the darker shades of wallpapers on your device. However, if you like to have live wallpapers on your screen and good battery life at the same time? Sorry that wouldn’t be possible unless you stay by the charging site. The live wallpapers can consume a lot of battery so it is better to avoid using live wallpapers when you have to stay outside your home for a longer time without any charging accessory with you.

App usage: the application usage also affect the battery life. The more applications would be running in the background the more will be the battery consumption. Applications used for gaming or entertainment such as youtube also consume a large amount of battery. Therefore, you must avoid any background activity from such applications if you want to get some more time with your smartphone.
Power saving feature: Last but not the least, all the smartphones which are designed today comes with a power saving feature which help you in retaining battery by avoiding any background activity and data consumption with specified screen and brightness settings to avoid excessive battery draining. If you need to get good battery life, then you can turn on this option in your device.

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