Recovering From The iPhone Touch Disease

Even after numerous trips to the nearest iphone repair shop and the launch of iPhone 7 and 7 plus in the market, iPhone 6 users kept on facing a rather annoying problem. Their screen did not register their touch or multi-touch and some even complained of not being able to pinch out or zoom into a picture. There are many iPhone 6 users still even after the launch of iPhone X. They were all hoping for some upgrade in iOS that would do away with the touch disease since it is not possible for everyone to let go of such an expensive device and invest in another more expensive iPhone.

Iphone Repair

Many Apple users had been facing this problem but nothing concrete happened. Although what did pop up was that Apple was willing to repair and rectify all the problems arising out of this “touch disease’ at a very “generous” cost of US$149! Some even said that the company simply supplied users with refurbished handsets.

This program claimed to cover all the iPhone 6 plus users and would enable them to use their devices like nothing happened. But it would cost them US$149! Isn’t it something that would defeat the purpose of iPhone repair in the first place? To some cell phone repair experts it sounded like a made up problem and most of them would just discard it like another marketing gimmick directed at luring iPhone users to enroll for the Apple program.

What Devices Are Prone To Getting The iPhone Touch Disease?

Apple says that the only model so far that has been affected by the Touch Disease is the iPhone 6 Plus. There have been some reports worldwide of the iPhone 6 getting affected too but the brand hasn’t confirmed any of them.

Two Clear Symptoms Of iPhone Touch Disease

  •        The multi-touch screen won’t respond properly. This means that your finger-taps on its screen are not being recognized or gestures such as pinching and zooming do not work
  •        The screen displays a flickering gray patch on its top end

What Is The Reason For iPhone Touch Disease?

This problem is caused by dropping the iPhone repeatedly on hard surfaces. It basically happens when the user does not take care of the device.

Pick The Right iPhone Repair Technician Near You

When you face this problem in your phone the right thing to do is call the experts. Your cell phone repair expert will be able to help with the internal parts of the phone that might have gotten damaged or need repair. You can trust them for this one simple yet important task and they will not disappoint you.

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