Troubleshooting: iPhone Not Charging Issue

One of the most advanced smartphone which has changed the definition of cellphones is iPhone. It is a highly reliable device which is designed for maximum user convenience and efficiency. However, the technology which is designed with so much intricacy can sometimes become a problem for the users. All the iPhones are designed with utmost care to avoid any chances of failure or working issues but there are certain situations which are not predictable. One such situation is when your iPhone does not responds to the charger. For school and college goings teens as well as people who are involved in business and even those who stay at home, cellphone is very important utility and failure to charge can be very disturbing. The experts of mobile repair such as Cell Phone Repair Tomball Tx provide some important troubleshooting steps which can be followed in case of charging issues.

Initialization: the initial stage of not charging situation can be worked with easy troubleshooting steps. The most common reason of your iphone not picking up the charger is the dust and dirt accumulated in your phone. It all depends on your way to carry your device but still using a phone for long time without any cleaning effort leads to deposition of dust and dirt inside the charging jack. You can just simply try to blow off the dust from the jack and if the charger still not works, then you must visit an expert immediately.

Chemical or water: this can be little stressing but the second reason for your iphone not responding to your charger is the contact with water or any other chemical substance. The inside of your charging port consists of metallic substances which may get oxidised while coming in contact with water or any other kind of chemical. In case your phone has got into contact with a chemical then there are chances that you have to go for the replacement of the port due to excessive damages. Therefore, if your iPhone is not charging and you are doubtful about its contact with water or any chemical substance, you must immediately visit your nearby mobile repair shop.

Damage: falls and shock are very common to your phone but you must make sure that there are no strong damages to your device because they can cause your device to stop supporting the charger. However, sometimes falls can lead to internal issues causing software faults which may require expert inspection to your device. Moreover, damage to your lightning cable can also be the reason for no charging support to your iPhone. So whenever you face any issues with your iPhone not charging, it is very important that you choose your action wisely or visit a good repair shop to get expert hands on your device to make it function normally.

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