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Your laptops are precious. Your computers hold more than just place on your desks. These are those valuable gadgets that make you the success that you are in your professional life and beyond. Don’t let minor laptop and computer issues turn into major problems. Get them repaired with us now!
We understand that you have a huge amount of data stored in your device. But it is very common to get some issues with your laptop or computer which may need expert service. Cell Doc offers you the best in class computer repair services Humble TX. We also deal in laptop and provide with you best laptop services in case your device is troubling you. Cell Doc Phone Repair offers most reasonable laptop Repair in Humble. Our technicians have professional expertise to fix your issues related to online backup services, hard drive data recovery etc. we can assure you a complete assistance on data recovery services at cell doc. Many of our customers complain about hard drive issues like hard drive data recovery while some have issues related to motherboard and RAM which makes computer running slow on multiple tabs and commands. At cell doc, we provide you with complete and overall solution to your device issues. In case you are facing any issues with processing of your system which is troubling your work, please feel free to reach us at our repair service centers in Humble.


Graphic and audio driver issues are prevalent with practically every brand of laptop and computer. Even the slightest issue with them makes your day to day work difficult. If you are thinking of playing any graphic intensive games or planning a render of a high resolution file or video, forget about it. Drivers are called so because of the functions they perform. They help drive the machinery of your computers and so we take special care to repair and replace them as the need be.



Display Issues

White spots, cracking or bleeding pixels, hair and dust settling on the inside of your beautiful and bright full HD screen and so many other issues related to color reproduction and power consumption; your computer displays are very prone to problems. It especially hurts your heart and work when the gorgeous computer screen and monitors that you invested in start to malfunction. Get rid of all such display problems right away with URCell Doc’s laptop and computer repair services.



Motherboard and RAM

The Motherboard is the heart and soul of your computer. The RAM on the other hand is its ability to handle multitasking. Even the slightest glitch in the motherboard or its main chip could put off all the functions of your machine. Couple that with improper allotment of RAM, your work life goes for a toss! It becomes very critical and cumbersome to recover from it unless you call URCell Doc’s laptop and computer repair experts.



USB and DVD Writer

If your system did not come pre-installed with any USB or DVD writer software or hardware, you can count on us to find the latest for your needs. We will also assist you in the hour of need when any of such pre-installed hardware or software starts to malfunction or underperform. All you need is a patch upgrade or some hardware tweaking that can be done easily by our skilled engineers and technicians. Remember, you have UR Cell Doc’s laptop and computer repair experts by your side.



Audio and Webcam

Audio distortion and webcam visibility are also some major problem areas when it comes to working with and maintaining computers and laptops. Sometimes it is the audio drivers and many a times it is the inbuilt webcam reception that causes problems and jitters in your Skype call or video conferencing. Any which way, your work suffers which is unacceptable. We make sure none of that bothers you anymore by offering the best repair and replacement options at an affordable price.


Overheating and Damages

Computers are complex machines designed to perform millions of calculations in a second. Yes, they work lightning fast owing to their high clock speed processors with multi-cores and oodles of RAM. This also makes them prone to heating issues and hanging. It is high time you took these matters seriously because such recurring problems can cause data loss and hard drive corruption as well. Keep your cool and your computers cooler with UR Cell Doc’s laptop and computer repair experts.


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