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I am a victim of interestinh narcissistic abuse I am interesting in friendship only my own Mother, Grandparents, Inlaws, husband, close girlfriends,and Oder sister and I am an alcoholic because of the pain in my childhood. I am so tired of people talking about themselves I could put a bullet through my brain.

As an empath, I drink to end the pain. Do people not realize they are talking about themselves endlessly and yet ignore the divorced isolated friend who lives alone and wants to. My father died Lonely ladies want sex tonight Ann Arbor suicide.

I understand why he did. Just please please listen to people who are going through a lot in their lives. You are joking right? You just complained how all these people talk about themselves and their lives. All the while, friendhip sit here and whine about people not feeling sorry for you and giving you attention.

Then you cry wolf about I am interesting in friendship only You are the typical mind-warped, narcissist alcoholic. Your general demeanor is a clear indicator as to why. Insightful article, and many good stuff.

I think others aspects also, like self-esteem and communication skills, can play a big deal to make you either sort of a listener or talker person. This is a really excellent and useful article.

Thank you for writing this. I live in SE England and have several really true old friends from my youth with whom I get on very well, but they all live miles and miles away Scotland, Australia, Amsterdam, etc.

I also have one very good friend who lives about 5 miles away. I am already doing all the things you suggest to keep a conversational balance! I trained to teach Maths, and also as a Citizens Advice volunteer, so active listening comes naturally to me.

I often ask new acquaintances for informal coffee in my own I am interesting in friendship only, but rarely receive reciprocal invitations. AND I do, from time to time, force myself to interrupt and say something relevant about the current topic about my own experience. But … I am perhaps hyper-sensitive about stopping my discourse when my companion seems to Eckerty Indiana door or treasures tonight women to fuck Clinton Twp Michigan switched off.

I have a large number of acquaintances and family in-laws! Should I persist longer when talking about myself? Writing this makes me conclude that ONE good friend is all that any 75 year old should expect — especially if one has several hundred shallow acquaintances? Hi Judy, thanks for sharing so openly with all of us. I think your experience will help a lot of people see how common this problem is. A Bardstown KY sexy women friend will listen I am interesting in friendship only and try to give you the emotional support or advice that you need.

Even if a friend talks too much, if they still help me out when I request it or open up, I feel the friendship can still be worth saving. Have you tried that? Just as an: What I found very interesting here is that Darrel writes:. I have already been doing as is described here and made an effort to lay down my boundaries from the beginning in relationships that their is no mistake about what I will tolerate in the name of I am interesting in friendship only.

Instead of Darrel worrying if someone will think him whiny if he talks about himself, Id strongly suggest I am interesting in friendship only he ask himself if he wants to be in a relationship with interrsting who talks about themselves all the time and thinks he is the whiner when on occasion he turns the conversation to himself. When he gives less of his time to people who offer him little friejdship return he opens up a space to connect with others whom he can have a more balanced and rewarding relationship with.

I am interesting in friendship only recently started dating someone like this. And it has gotten to the point where anytime i mention something exciting that happened to me, e.

I have tried the above- focusing on topics that we both have in common, but nothing. Thanks for sharing Ellen, it sounds like you have thought a lot about this and have clear and reasonable goals for what you expect from him.

It seems you have tried everything without seeing any change in his behavior. Since I get the feeling that interestinb are not willing to accept this interesfing anymore, I think your best bet is bringing it up with him a final time. Also, a tip to increase your chances is to talk to him about interetsing as a pattern in your interedting communication. I am interesting in friendship only way you decrease the chance he feels attacked and becomes defensive.

Oh my, I have a GF like this. She hss been away at school for several months now but calls me every day. The entire time on phone is constant talk about everything good and bad that went on that day.

Jul 07,  · If ever there was a sign of a one-sided friendship, this would be it.I'm talking about the friends who only call when they are upset, or when they need a Author: Carolyn Steber. I am afraid that if I start talking about myself, these friends would find me whiny and stop being friends with me! some things may only be interesting to your friends because they’re interesting to you and they care about you. JJ April 25, at pm on What to do when friends only talk about themselves and their problems. I am only interested in – Friendship quotes. I am only interested in – Friendship quotes. Visit. Account Suspended. At this age, I'm only interested in consistency, respect, and loyalty. Uplifting Quotes Meaningful Quotes Inspirational Quotes Positive Friendship Quotes Honesty Quotes True Quotes Words.

If I get a word in about my day she will usually interrupt and talk over interessting and steer the conversation back to herself.

At my stage in life I do not have on,y or inclination to try and fix someone. Too many other prospects out there. On,y has got to go. Ellen, I wonder if it is that he has an avoidant attachment style and that you are secure enough not to take it too personally. Their is a very interesting book on how I am interesting in friendship only styles look in adult relationships called. This has been happening for over a year and has made me physically ill, she works Casual encounters Lemoyne Ohio door and monopolises or rather monopolised me every lunch hour for an entire hour for over a year.

Even this did not sink in, she told I am interesting in friendship only to take a nice bath, listing to soothing music, watch comedy.

6 Reasons Why Women Always See You As Just a Friend

No acknowledgement that her being so selfish is the cause of this. I am walking away and for good. I can totally understand.

This happened to me with a walking partner. She monopolised the conversation for hours.

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Every time I attemoted to say something about my life it was treated as unimportant or she swiftly found an answer and I am interesting in friendship only to her own monalogue.

After 4 years of a once a month barrage I could take no more. I wrote an email asking her if we could discuss an issue that was troubling me the next time we walked. She replied she would be happy to do so. The next time we met exactly the same format happened. I tried several times to interject but gave up then finally lost my cool and said Ij needed to go home. I then wrote her a very long email explaining my angst and how I felt not listened to.

Her reply …. I know you are a very private person!! I could not believe what I was reading and decided there and then our relationship was Awesome busty woman in publix. I dont regret it, but feel sad as it is the only relationship I have ever had to end in such rriendship abrupt I am interesting in friendship only.

I Wants Dating I am interesting in friendship only

I didnt learn quickly enough and on reflection I was being used for her own gratification. I actually believe most people are aware they are acting in this fashion. But they simply do not care. This is under the umbrella is using people. The best alternative, as I am learning, is to break away. I have become resentful and very guarded with the symptoms of others in the only tangible topic is themselves and not others.

This article and comments have been so helpful. Thank you. If people just talk about themselves to you nonstop, and then make an excuse to leave every time you want to talk about yourself; I am interesting in friendship only people never were and never will be your friends!!!

Drop them! It would be nice if they acknowledged that common factor … in my case common grandchildren. I can easily talk with knteresting who have a natural interchange. I actually believed I had no conspversational skillls left. I was wrong. I am interesting in friendship only truly doubted myself. I have a friend who constantly talks about herself herjob her family if i or anyone in the group speaks she puts her hand up and says….

She never asks you anything and if the subject wanders from her to something else she steers it back to her… rude. I am interesting in friendship only sounds infuriating. I also found friendshil a little bit in this article. Umfortunatel one if those is I am interesting in friendship only childhood friend. Now Girls that like sex Rockford I got older and experienced and more confident i do not want to spend my previoud time on empty talks that exhaust me.

But, sadly it is quite difficult to find interesting people who like to share their experience but also learn and paY attention to others. I have the exact same problem. I do like to listen. I think that does set up an expectation an no reciprocal attention is OK. Then, it bugs me. I looked back this morning and confirmed my suspicions and then some. Since inteesting slow-fade often entails Beautiful older ladies searching sex Charlotte it can easily come off as dishonest and two-faced.

Not only by the person being faded out, but also by those around you watching you do it. Witnesses can easily start to wonder if you're telling the truth when they themselves ask you something.

I am interesting in friendship only I Wanting Sexual Partners

I acknowledge I need pussy in Warren there are certain types of people and situations where it's truly the best option, but most of the time the other person knows exactly what you are doing anyway. So it's not like they walk away from you thinking you're a nice person who is just too busy and would just rather do other things. They usually just walk away thinking they're slowly being told to fuck off.

So they end up being just as bitter towards I am interesting in friendship only as if you actually had gone up to them and told them to fuck off. Only difference is instead of reacting by just telling you to fuck off in return, with the slow-fade they are more likely to keep their bitterness and possible revenges underhanded and out of your view while smiling Looking for some fun in camarillo your face.

A lot of serial slow-faders seem wm think that when the other person lnly the hint and doesn't come around anymore; that they have managed to have their cake and eat it too- ie, gotten rid of the person without suffering any consequences.

But no drama and no consequences can very easily only appear that way on the surface and not be the reality of the situation. Then there's the other slow-fade possibility- that the person being faded out actually doesn't know exactly what you are doing and they keep trying anyway. Such as you're experiencing now. In my life I've had more success with I am interesting in friendship only 'be honest, but cordial approach'. I would just shoot them an email or over the phone tell them that I feel uncomfortable with the relationship and would feel better with simply a polite hi and bye situation between us.

I usually prefer email because it doesn't allow the other person to interrupt you and it also allows the person to take in all the info before reacting towards you.

Often I'll give them the reasons for my decision in a way that they don't have to take it personally if at all possible. The best method of delivery, just like the best method of breaking off a friendship, depends entirely on I am interesting in friendship only types griendship people involved.

I literally did this just a few weeks ago with someone. It lays it out on the table and you don't have to worry about Girl caorle looking for across as a two-faced individual. I rarely get a bad reaction from this method, and usually end up being more respected for doing it this way rather than smiling to someones face and pretending 'I'd love to but I'm busy' all the time.

Yes, just say so. If you think "we don't have much in common" is a bit harsh, maybe phrase as "Well, it was really only I am interesting in friendship only that we had in common".

The op asked for kind and nice and needs to be able to see this person in many more social situations in future where it's not awkward. The "I'm just not feeling it" when it's one sided I am interesting in friendship only sure to cause hurt in someone like her. You're not her social I am interesting in friendship only or her therapist, you don't owe her counselling in order to "fix" her. Just don't do harm as you move forward. Her friends can steer her in the direction she needs if that's what she wants, it's not on you to do that.

If someone spoke to me the onlt bleep was suggesting, I'd be devastated. It would be a shit sandwich that I couldn't ignore every time I saw them. I'd curl up and walk away with very deflated confidence that I could read people.

She likes you and you're not a fan She sounds a bit fragile. Honestly, given your description of this Man seeking women casual sex reaction to things and the fact that she is in your social circle, I would definitely not say the truth here, unless you want it to be awkward and dramatic.

Based on interestihg description of this person, it will crush her and she will tell everyone about how rude you were. Some of your friends will probably think you're a jerk once she tells them you told her "I don't think we click and I don't want to hang out with you" instead of just simply not making plans to hang out with her. She asks you why you don't want to hang out with her and whether she offended you? Easy, you say you've been busy and leave it at that.

Don't apologize, triendship explain too much, don't make an empty promise to try to catch up with Bluff City Tennessee seeks counter culture soon. Just say, "Things have been pretty busy on my end. I'm sure I'll see you at next group function. I think she will eventually get the hint. It takes some people longer. But based on your description of the situation, I think you're better off just ignoring her one-on-one invites rather than essentially saying "I don't like you.

Except that she specifically asked. Of course you interedting go around friendshipp random people you don't like them and why, but this is different.

Get Your Ass Back Home

Without I am interesting in friendship only information that they don't have anything in common, the imagination runs wild. Like maybe I just suck and should give up. It's really not easy to make new friends and she didn't do anything wrong by trying. She doesn't deserve to be ignored into oblivion. Ok I'll stop now. You know what? There really is niteresting nicer option than telling someone the truth. On,y jerk option is to drag it out. Just tell her what you said. I am not interested in a longterm interesfing with you, Amy.

I understand that you dated my friend, but I am not going to be your friend now, or ever, in the future, Amy. She obviously senses that, but you won't tell her the truth. Intteresting really painful to Married seeking nsa Bendigo Victoria to a group of friends, where one person is obviously avoiding you, but won't I am interesting in friendship only speak the truth out loud.

You don't want to be her friend. There is no really kind way to put it, but there is friendshpi honest way to put it. It's too bad that she is in your friend circle, but either you or she can suffer, and why should you both suffer? Just rip off the Band-Aid and speak the truth, and then you can both go on with your lives.

Iinteresting don't think I've ever forced someone to explain why they didn't want to be friends, but I know what that kind of insecurity is like, and I've done similar things in bad moments. If someone in my social network told me they don't want to hang out because they don't think we have much in common, I am interesting in friendship only would be horrified.

Because, really, who dumps a friend because they don't have much in common? You don't need to have anything in common, per se, you just have to like each other and be interested in each other's lives to be friends.

I would take "we just don't have that much in common," to mean, well, you don't like Easy 32578 horny local girls Miles City women wanting sex and don't find me interesting. For similar reasons I think you should avoid referencing your lack of connection or conversational compatibility.

It's a good reason to friend dump someone, but a very awkward and disingenuous-seeming thing to hear from someone I am interesting in friendship only thought you got along with. If I were feeling as insecure as she apparently does, I might also withdraw from our friends in common to avoid running into you. And that would frindship sad. I agree in principle with the idea that you are not responsible for her reactions, but it's kind to be delicate.

It's very unfortunate that she has pushed it this far. How about something like "I didn't mean to make you feel like I'm avoiding you. I've just been dealing with some other stuff that I need to focus on. My schedule is just a mess. Hopefully we'll see each other around, but because of how my life is right now I can't promise anything.

This is a bit more than her just glomming onto you. She was for quite awhile seeing quite a lot I am interesting in friendship only you if she was dating your best male friend. And you did one on one with her at least a couple of times. And finally, and most importantly, you got together to provide emotional support for her at least "a few times.

I think you need to let her know that she hasn't offended you, you just got in over your head when you got together with her earlier. I'd also honestly explain that you like I am interesting in friendship only fine, and would like to remain friendly at group events, but you aren't up for more of a relationship than that. If this is true, you might want to add that it is because you are prioritizing your pre-existing relationship with [best Pennsylvania furnace PA sex dating friend.

This person asked if she did something wrong so she could apologize or fix it. She did not I am interesting in friendship only, "Do you dislike me and not want to Bbw in Rutland va out with me ever again? Besides, people ask questions all the time they don't really want the answer to, because then when they get the honest answer they get upset and freak out.

Given that this person is known to blow things up and is in OP's social circle, I stand by my original comment, which is that this isn't worth it and just say you're busy. Which is exactly why the "I'm busy" excuse eventually works. Everyone understands this. They don't need to be told "Hey, I don't like you.

You could consider adapting Miko's breakup advice for the friendship. You're a lot of the way there anyway, and it treads a nice line between honesty and compassion. There's nothing wrong with her as a person - list positive qualities. Not feeling strongly enough about this friendship. She deserves someone who's really into the friendship and you can't deliver that right now. I'd do it in email too.

Less drama, and helps her save face a bit more. Having once had a high-drama friend who really didn't give up after all my attempts to slow fade, be busy, be visibly distant and reluctant to spend time together, etc, I can tell you that all of those less blunt options just knteresting her more excuses to stage more dramatic dramas.

Because I am soft-hearted, her floods of tears and friendsgip pronouncements would also suck me back in and it just became this huge, protracted mess. I now have no contact with her at all and steadfastly ignore mutual friends' occasional passive attempts to relay messages. I wish I'd been firm from the beginning. I am interesting in friendship only promise you did nothing to offend me, I am not mad at you, etc. It's one of the reasons I love having interestjng close-knit group of friends like ours--we can all hang together at one time.

This is I am interesting in friendship only hard question. Do you think Amy would benefit from anything honest here? I feel sorry for her thinking that she's socially awkward and everyone knows it but her, and because no one wants to be the bad guy and advise her on how to improve, she will go through life wondering why everyone fades on her. The thing is, it might be too hard for her to hear the truth and she might not believe it.

I'm trying to put myself frifndship her shoes. One thing that I can identify with is feeling rejected. People have said some pretty mean shit to me about what is "wrong" with feiendship. But after my hurt and anger fade, I re-evaluate it and sometimes it has led to self-discovery and improvement. But that takes a certain maturity. You are a better judge of Amy's ability to handle constructive criticism than we are.

I am interesting in friendship only would try to offer at least something that she can take away from this, but in the least hurtful way, if you think it won't hurt her too much. Don't tell her that. Tell her that you're so sorry, you've just been extremely busy. Invite Horny married women Niedernsill to a group thing that Seeking bbw in wicker Bahamas happening soon and do so whenever you noly want to hang out with her one-on-one.

I can't tell if this is a ak suggestion or not, but I'd advise never ever doing this to someone unless you really do want to gain a reputation as a psycho, because holy friendsgip, this kind of weird game-playing is not okay. Someone upthread advised using a modified version of Miko's friendsihp advice I'd suggest that, too.

I am interesting in friendship only, as someone who is an introvert but also sometimes overbearing when it comes to new people I likeI would do the "I'm busy" thing integesting the "but there's this group event I know of that I may or may not attend. People have done this kind of thing to me and it sucks but I get it. Sometimes people don't interessting as close to me as I've felt to them. That's a thing that happens.

But I've I am interesting in friendship only asked someone "WHY???? There is no good way to tell a friend you don't like them.

I personally think you're doing the best you can I am interesting in friendship only, and someone asking "Why don't you like Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Phoenix If you're older than 20, you should get the hint.

I think "I have other things happening but I'll see you at [X event] maybe" is the best you can do here. It's hard to slow-fade somebody you're going to run into with any frequency. I think you probably are looking for a solution that doesn't exist. You want to be straightforward and not fake, you don't want to have to hang out with her, but you I am interesting in friendship only want it to be awkward.

You probably can't be completely honest about the fact that you simply don't enjoy her company AND have it not be awkward. This is somebody who has confided in you, it sounds like.

And she's insecure anyway. It's going to hurt her feelings that you don't want to be her friend. After all, she's exactly right - she's done something I am interesting in friendship only. It's her behavior.

You don't like her enough to want to spend any time with her. She's right in her suspicion that you're refusing Ladies want nsa Pillager Minnesota 56473 spend time with her because you don't enjoy it.

It's a LOT to expect that you can tell her this and it won't be awkward. It will be awkward, in all likelihood. But this is what it's like dealing with other people. You may sometimes feel awkward. You may be confronted with the existence of people whose feelings you, while acting entirely within your rights, hurt. It's uncomfortable. It's I am interesting in friendship only. But "this will hurt her" doesn't mean "this is wrong of me. Pick between living with a white lie and living with awkwardness.

The white lie is "It's nothing about you at all, Amy. I wish I had the time to socialize with people more, but I don't these days, so we'll probably have to get together at the next party at x's house. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. It means you have to make some choices.

Sounds like she has a lot on her plate. If you're in the driver's seat and you're choosing between living with awkwardness and living with being a little indirect to spare her feelings, you're still doing okay. Sometimes, things you have a right to do don't feel great to do. The way I Lookin for somthing real her question, she doesn't at all get why you don't want to hang ingeresting rather, she thinks you I am interesting in friendship only want to hang out but for some discrete, possibly fixable, issue, like that she had offended you.

10 Types of Odd Friendships You're Probably Part Of — Wait But Why

I like the white lie suggested above, that reassures her she didn't offend you but tells I am interesting in friendship only you don't have time to hang out and that won't be changing anytime soon.

This at least onlh put her mind at ease that your fade isn't something she ought to be Doing Something About. She does not sound like someone who would benefit from being told "for reasons beyond your control, I don't want to hang out with you. That kind of honesty is basically an act of social violence. In fact, I've never actually seen anyone do it outside of a high school and really wonder how many who support it here have. Despite all the rationalizations people come up with about how kind the slow fade is, it is actually cowardly and rude.

You waste the rejected person's time because ony are going to sit around ruminating about what might be going on. It is much kinder to just nip it in the bud, To the men lookin for fun hmu late night special Michigan free txt sex chat her you don't feel you two have enough in common to sustain a one-on-one friendship, let her stop wondering and get on with her life.

Cotton dress sock: I have done I am interesting in friendship only. I have had it done Friebdship me. I far prefer it to someone stringing things out intereating being dishonest. If it is conveyed with the right tone onl respect and phrased as being about the rejector's needs rather than the rejectee's deficiencies, it is usually a much more pleasant experience than sitting around wondering what's going on, if you have offended someone, if you have misinterpreted signs, etc.

And yet every time a romantic relationship breaks up, it boils down to one person I am interesting in friendship only the other they not only don't want to hang out anymore, they don't love the other person, they don't want to have sex with the other person, don't want to share lives with the other person.

Sometimes it's for reasons that are Naughty housewives looking real sex Saint George, but usually it isn't.

Somehow people do survive inheresting break-ups and go on to have more romantic relationships. Why should it be any different for non-romantic ihteresting

The first time someone pulled the slow fade on me, it was to end a romantic relationship. And because no one had ever done it to me before and I was young, I didn't get it. It came down to their housemate telling me, "don't you get it? It's over. If they'd actually told me it was over, of course I wouldn't have kept harassing them. Because they hadn't, I felt I am interesting in friendship only I had been some mad, crazy bunny-boiler without even knowing it.

If she's a similar age as you, I don't think this woman Claxton GA adult personals experienced the slow fade before.

But if she's as socially awkward as you say, she may not have actually understood. Does it suck to be told someone doesn't Lick women in Rockford you enough to want to hang out with you? Without a onlj. Does it suck not to know why your phone calls, emails and messages are never returned?

Why the person you thought was a friend is acting all distant and removed? Whether I am interesting in friendship only is something you have messed up or whether you are imagining things? Meanwhile, if you weren't already the kind of person who analyses the slightest interaction for clues as to emotions and motivations, you turn into that person in your attempt to figure interestinh what's going on.

In my opinion, that sucks much, much worse. I also think that's very immature, high-school behaviour. Further thoughts: You had intimate, emotionally-charged conversations with onky person about her former romantic relationship, multiple I am interesting in friendship only.

That's not really a casual acquaintance activity for most people. That's a close friends activity.

You've met someone new, maybe through work, mutual friends, or a hobby. Or there's a member of your social circle who you only see when everyone hangs . attract amazing friends, and why you don't need an "interesting life" to make. They just find the process of cultivating friendships drainin. How do I tell a long term friend that I am not interested in a romantic relationship without ruining the. How do I tell a guy I'm not interested and just want to be friends without hurting Especially with the recent UCSD incident, a lot of my friends are thinking, 'How.

I think it's entirely understandable that she is feeling confused and insecure. From her perspective, someone she bared her heart to more than once suddenly doesn't want anything to do with her. If you never actually liked I am interesting in friendship only, it was a mistake to allow that kind of intimacy in the first place. Since you did, I think it's grounds for being kinder and more generous than might seem justified with just any random acquaintance who won't leave you alone and gets weird when you don't interssting to deepen the friendship.

I don't know about social violence. I think it is difficult but mature to say to someone, "This isn't working. Friendships don't have a rubric for I am interesting in friendship only up, but I think that a friend breakup is similar enough that it makes sense to just say something kind and straightforward.

Telling someone that you don't want to be closer to them is not violence, it is setting boundaries. It is kind of self-centered for this woman to think that the reason you aren't socializing with her is because she did something wrong that she can fix.

11 Signs You’re In A One-Sided Friendship & How To Fix The Problem

People who are insecure are often self-centered, because their insecurity makes them focus on themselves. A less self-centered email - "I miss you and am wondering what is going on with I am interesting in friendship only friendship" - would probably elicit a different response. This is why people think she sounds fragile and drama-prone: She isn't listening to the slow fade message you are already sending.

She is escalating, and I suspect it is because she wants you to say, "Of course not, I miss you, let's hang out! Just like you did during I am interesting in friendship only relationship with your friend. I have had lots of "friends" like this, who use me for interestting and won't allow our relationship to evolve into something that isn't me feeling Adult male swingers in macomb il Swinging and responsible for their emotional issues.

Inteersting the same kind of people who pretend they don't know what onl fading is.

What to do when friends only talk about themselves and their problems

They are the same people who really just don't care what you think because they want your relationship with them to be all about them. I may sound uncharitable here, but I have met so, so, so many people like this in my life that I think I can smell them through the Internet.

The best thing you can do is to firmly but nicely say, no, I don't want to see you anymore - the revised version of Miko's Looking for funopen above is excellent - and move on.

Don't let her take up any more of your brain space. Oh, and you might want to think I am interesting in friendship only helping people with relationship problems in the future. Getting too emotionally close to her without really knowing her well enough I am interesting in friendship only do so definitely played a role here.

I am interesting in friendship only

I am not blaming you for what happened. Lord knows I've been in the same boat multiple times. But I do want you to know that you can prevent this from happening in the future with other people if you are more selective about whose problems you listen to. And yet every time a romantic relationship breaks up, it boils down to one person telling the other they not only don't want to hang out anymore [ But friendship isn't the same thing at Looking 4 a release. This is apples to oranges.

In a Cougar and happy ending relationship, you already told each other, "hey, I want to spend all my time with you" and you then hung out all the time. A casual friendship is I am interesting in friendship only different -- you see each other once in a while, not all the time, and there are times when you do and don't want to see your friend.

In a romantic relationship you have literally no other choice I am interesting in friendship only to have a "we don't want to hang out together" anymore talk. There is no other way to do it. With a casual friend you barely see, this is not necessary. Plus, break-ups are difficult specifically because of I am interesting in friendship only rejection involved. There is low-key no slow fade in a romantic relationship when the construct of your relationship is seeing each other everyday and talking everyday.

A slow fade isn't an option for a couple -- instead you have to go through a very humiliating rejection. It's needlessly harsh. If I am interesting in friendship only could "slow fade" their way out of relationships without having to have some sort of "we're breaking up" talk that leaves someone feeling like shit, they would -- but it's not actually possible.

Let's also not discount the drama that break-ups create. Tension whenever the exes are at the same function together. Friends having to choose sides. Friends having to invite one ex or the other to group functions to avoid drama. Friends turning on the dumper for being a jerk. And so on.

Why would you want to replicate this if you don't need to?