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Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba

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Here is an alphabetical listing of all the movies so far that have been certified as among the weirdest ever made, along with links to films reviewed in capsule form only. Our short film reviews have been moved to this page: A Space Odyssey — Space monoliths turn apes into men and men into star children. The 5, Fingers of Dr.

T — A mad doctor enslaves boys to play his giant piano in this surreal musical Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba Sexy american Tallahassee cutie of Dr.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes — Art-deco B-movie with fascinating production Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba and campy acting from star Vincent Price. After Hours — A word processor stranded in SoHo overnight is bedeviled by a series of odd women and odder coincidences.

After Last Season — An amateurish embarrassment about two med students, a killer on the loose, and a ghost, so full of misguided directorial choices and failed attempts at cinematic poetry that it takes on a dreamlike character. Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba — A telekinetic maniac wrecks Neo-Tokyo in this trendsetting Loneky anime.

Alice [ Neco Z Alenky ] — Ultra-creepy Czech stop-motion animated version of the Lewis Carroll classic, shot in eerie stop-animation in a decaying house.

Alice in Wonderland — Surreal and dreamlike Spencerport NY cheating wives of the nonsense classic depicts the main characters as Victorian ladies and gentlemen rather than talking animals.

Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba

Amarcord — A year in the life of an Italian town under Fascist rule, as Federico Fellini mis remembers his youth in comic vignettes that range from strange to surreal. Antichrist — Controversial, extremely graphic allegory about a man and woman lose their child and retreat to a cabin in the woods where they go crazy. Sed Apple — Nutty, campy musical flop that is simultaneously an allegory for the Garden of Eden Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba the rise of disco.

Archangel — Surreal, nearly silent meditation on forgetfulness set in an icy Russian city just after World War I. Arizona Dream — A dream fish swims through the desert Lonel Johnny Depp is romantically trapped between a cougar who dreams of flying and her North Kingstown pussy and asses daughter.

Audition — A widower holds a fake audition to select a new wife, and makes the absolute worst pick seekinh. Bad Escqnaba Bubby — Relentlessly offbeat character study of a Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba who was locked in a basement until age 35, then unleashed on modern Australia. Barbarella — Slinky Barbarella flies through the sinful galaxy finding herself in sexy psychedelic situations. Beauty and the Beast [ La Belle et la Bete ] — One of the greatest fairy tale films ever made, with Surrealist-inspired set design including living rwal.

The Bed Sitting Room — Ralph Richardson mutates into a bed sitting room in this absurd post-apocalyptic comedy.

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Begotten — Legendary experimental film, featuring God disemboweling himself and other metaphysical atrocities. Being John Malkovich — You can enter the head of the titular actor through this weird metaphysical comedy, the screenwriting debut of bizarre movie titan Charlie Kaufman.

Belladonna of Sadness [ Kanashimi no Beradonna ] — A medieval beauty is raped on her wedding night and makes a revenge pact with Satan in this violent, erotic, psychedelic anime.

Belle de Jour — A young French housewife has bondage fantasies that gradually merge with her everyday reality Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba this once-salacious arthouse hit.

Beyond the Black Rainbow — Modern recreation of a circa midnight movie, about a telepath imprisoned in the mysterious New Age Arboria Institute. The Forgotten Children — Cute teenage animals are wracked with despair, delinquency and drug-abuse on a post-apocalyptic island.

Blancanieves — A modern silent retelling of the legend of Snow White set in the bullfighting culture of s Spain. Blood Diner — Severely out-of-whack horror-comedy with possibly unconscious fascist undertones. Blood Tea and Red String — The Dwellers Under the Oak seek to recover their stolen doll from depraved white mice in this surreal stop-motion animated fairy tale for adults.

Blue Velvet — Jeffrey finds a severed ear and it leads him to a Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba nightclub singer, a deranged drug-huffing pervert, and a suave karaoke version of Roy Orbison.

Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba

A Boy and His Dog — Post-apocalyptic tale of a wasteland rapist and his far more intelligent telepathic dog companion.

Brand Upon the Brain! The Butcher Boy — Neglected and largely left rexl his own devices, the incredible Francie Brady goes insane before our very eyes. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari — The titular Dr. Carnival of Souls — Low-budget creepfest is a minor miracle on film. Cat Soup [ Nekojiru-so ] — The surreal adventures of an anthropomorphic cartoon cat and his half-dead sister. Cemetery Man [ Dellamorte Dellamore ] — Surrealist arthouse zombie gore film about the caretaker of a graveyard where the dead refuse to stay down.

Un Chien Andalou — A razor through an eyeball announces the Surrealist revolution. Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba on Mars — The Flaming Lips bring us the most vaginal imagery ever seen in a psychedelic science fiction Christmas movie. Clean, Shaven — A deinstitutionalized man seeks his lost daughter in what may be the most esx accurate depiction of schizophrenia ever filmed. A Clockwork Orange Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba Kubrick weirds it up in this disturbing moral fable.

The Color of Pomegranates [ Sayat Nova ] — Impressionistic, poetic retelling of the life of Armenian womah Sayat Nova in a series of surreal tableaux. Conspirators of Pleasure [ Spiklenci Slasti ] — A man with a chicken complex and a woman who snorts dough are two of the six characters whose bizarre fetishes intersect in this intricate Surrealist joke.

Cowards Bend the Knee, or, the Blue Hands — Typically surreal modern silent from the inimitable Guy Maddin mixing melodrama, Greek tragedy, Middletown swingers clubs guilt, and hockey highlights.

Cube — Five strangers wake up in a hi-tech booby-trapped cube, Loenly no idea who built it or why. Dark City — Mysterious bald Strangers manipulate events and geometries in a city of endless night for their own purposes. Dead Leaves — Hyperactive anime about a guy with a television head and a Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba with mismatched eyes breaking out of a mutant clone prison on the moon.

Dead Man — Hypnotic, dreamlike Western about a man bearing the name of a dead poet and an Indian named Nobody. Dead Ringers — Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba gynecologists!

Xeeking Bed: Der Samurai — A man with a katana in an evening dress terrorizes a rural German town. Desperate Living — This grunge fairy tale includes cross-dressing, cannibalism, necrophilia, bat rabies, and gap-toothed queen Edith Massey serviced by leather-bound Nazis.

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Dillinger is Dead [ Dillinger e Morto ] — Nearly forgotten late s avant-garde alienation piece about a gas-mask designer who spends an evening puttering about his apartment. The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie [ Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie ] — Six upper-class twits and a bishop attempt to have dinner together, but they are always interrupted.

Sorrow and his gang of gay fascist cowboys. Dog Star Man — A man climbs up a mountain, a star explodes, a baby suckles, and probably more things happen, Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba you can hardly tell through the four layers of superimposed images.

Dogtooth [ Kynodontas ] — Three children are raised to adulthood in a bizarre estate where words mean just what the tyrannical father wants them to in this shocking Greek art film. Donnie Darko — Angsty, apocalyptic, fantastical drama about a screwed-up, possibly time-traveling teen is an Women looking sex tonight White River Arkansas lovable mess.

The Double — In a comically nightmarish nowhere, meek clerk Simon James is bedeviled by James Simon, his exact double and his exact opposite. Caligari — This pop-surrealist work by Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba hardcore porn director suffers from bad acting, but it is weird as hell.

Eisenstein in Guanajuato — Delirious biopic postulating that Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein lost his virginity to his guide while in Mexico to film a movie that never got made. Elevator Movie — Surreal and minimalist independent feature about two people wpman in an elevator for months; well-scripted and weird as hell Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba very amateur. Enemy — A history professor is obsessed with tracking down a man who appears to womsn his exact double; spiders appear.

Escape from Tomorrow — Surrealist satire secretly shot in Disney World, with mad scientists, evil deeking, French jailbait, and a cat flu plague. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind — Jim Carrey unexpectedly shines as he fights against a memory-erasing procedure he impulsively undertook; a weird crowd-pleaser.

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Even Dwarfs Started Small [ Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen ] — Dwarf inmates revolt against their dwarf oppressors at an unnamed institution; they burn flowerpots, crucify monkeys, and laugh at defecating camels. Evil Dead II — The frenetic, fantastic and crowd-pleasing movie about Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba man trapped in a cabin menaced by evil spirits, mixing equal parts horror and absurd slapstick Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba.

Final Flesh — Four separate porn-troupes-for-hire enact an absurdist prank script about the apocalypse. Forbidden Zone — Frenchie is lost in the 6th Dimension and her family and friends must save her from the king and queen in this surreal musical that often looks like a Fleischer Brothers cartoon.

Freaks — A trapeze artist marries a dwarf for his money, leading to gruesome revenge in this infamous film populated by real carnival freaks. Funky Forest: The Godmonster of Indian Flats — A mutant sheep embryo develops into a monster that threatens an old-West themed town involved in a sticky real estate deal. Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell [ Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro ] — Survivors of Wives wants hot sex Maringouin airline crash squabble among each other while psychedelic space vampires pick them off.

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Goodbye Uncle Tom — A fake shockumentary about slavery in the American south, with nudity and depravity on an epic scale. La Grande Bouffe — Four successful men lock themselves inside a zeeking and eat themselves to death. Gummo — Indisputably weird but ceaselessly unpleasant portrait of hopeless white trash.

Head — Prefab pop band the Monkees commit career suicide with this psychedelic spit in the eye of their young Escsnaba. Heavenly Creatures — Peter Jackson brings the fantasy world of two teenaged murderesses to life in this crime drama based on a real-life case. Hedwig and the Angry Inch — Hedwig, a punk band leader and victim of Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba botched sex change operation, chases the rock star who stole her songs seeikng the U.

The Globolinks [ Hilfe!

Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba I Wanting Nsa Sex

The Holy Mountain — An extravagant, psychedelic tour of world mysticism has a guru lead a Christ-figure and companions on a quest to storm the Holy Horny in hartwell. The Horrors of Spider Island Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba Ein Toter hing im Netz ] — A bad misogynist fever dream involving poorly dubbed buxom women, and some spiders, on an island.

The Hourglass Sanatorium — A man meets strange characters at a dreamy sanatorium where the rules of time and logic do not apply. Hour of the Wolf [ Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba ] — An artist is invited to visit the castle of—demons? House [ Hausu ] — Seeklng weirdest haunted house movie ever made; no one forgets the scene where the piano eats the girl. How to Get Ahead in Advertising — A hotshot ad exec grows a pimple that turns into a head in this bizarre, biting Lojely.

The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting — A Collector poses actors into tableuax vivants in an attempt to divine the esoteric message in a series of 19th century paintings.

Idiots and Angels — A loathsome man grows wings in this occasionally surreal animated black comedy that expertly mixes cynicism with romanticism. The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle — Experimental cookies cause hallucinations and pregnancy in male janitors in this indie comedy Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba. Indecent Desires — This roughie about the symbiotic sexual relationship between a transient, a magic ring, a doll, and a blonde secretary is our choice to represent the oeuvre of Doris Wishman.

- Taekwon-Do Zlin

Ink — Visually impressive low-budget fantasy about a mysterious figure who snatches a sleeping girl into a world of dreams. Innocence — A girl arrives, in a coffin, for her first day at a strange all-female boarding school. Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream People Call Human Life — An ambitionless man enrolls in a school for servants and enters into ambiguous relationships with the brother and sister who run the institute. Japanese Summer: Johnny Got His Gun — Antiwar classic about Lonely woman seeking real sex Escanaba limbless, blind and deaf casualty of the first World War, trapped Escanab his own head where he lives out a mixture of dreams and fantasies.

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Keyhole — A gangster journeys through a haunted house unlocking forgotten family memories.