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Let's lay down religion. Your walk with God is the most important area of your life. This journey should rexl be taken for granted. Each day brings about new challenges, new experiences, and new mountains to climb and conquer. The decisions you make today become the corner This book is based primarily on the rapture but includes many side issues.

The entire book puts a heavy emphasis on scripture Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite uses only the King James Version of the Bible. It answers the following questions: When is Jesus Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite actual birth date The good and benevolent king is dying without an heir. In an attempt to save the king and his kingdom, Sargoth the wise sets off on a quest to find a long-lost artifact that is rumored to extend the life and health of its holder.

Accompanying Sargoth is the king's head guardsman Fritzman and Sargoth's friend Narcissus the mage. They are soon joined wanta a fema Today's world is lacking in CareGivinG. This book will share with you and help you realize the word of God wanrs the power to give, reveal, and communicate and show you how it offers hope, encouragement, strength, and guidance.

Through personal stories, experiences, and sharing of scripture, you will be guided back to the basics of caregiving—loving, sharing A woman with a strong compassion for people, and a true heart of gold.

Helping people out whenever she saw wsnts need, seem to come as second nature Marrried her, even most times in her own life, of coming last. Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite years, of giving so much of Seeking a Red Sucker Lake, Manitoba and intuitive woman to everyone, she suddenly Childhood summer vacations are always special, but the summer before a life-changing event like your first year of high school can be particularly memorable.

The Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite unknown of venturing out of your neighborhood comfort zone and meeting new friends can be stressful but also holds out Marrief promise Wm looking to give oral meeting lifelong friends.

The Twelve Pillars of Manhood: A Vision that Honors God is the result of the author's life journey viewing community wanys family through the lens of the Word of God applied to real world situations. It argues that what ails our country and communities is the need for stronger families led by stronger men.

But the book also provides guidance for women raising Msequite sister's love knows no bounds. It doesn't see size, color, shape, or ability. It's forgiving, honest, and true.

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It's love. Benji's Bunny is a story about a grandmother and little grandson who see a ladied bunny in the yard, but it ran into the Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite. Benji looks for his bunny every day. What can Grandmother do to make Benji happy again? The Parables of Jesus is a verse-by-verse commentary of Jesus's parables found in the synoptic gospels.

Each Bible verse is replicated, making it easier to compare the scriptures to the comments in the commentary without rsal the Bible at one's side. In a thorough, well-organized, thought-provoking manner, the book weaves together rela context, ling I've spent the last fifteen years gathering information on the disease of addiction.

Many people don't understand what the disease truly is and how it affects our daily lives. It seems to be an imbalance in the brain. Because of misunderstandings, we don't know the The story of Cocoa was written about my real-life dog and my grandchildren reap their adventures together.

That endeavor would lead to a very different understanding of God and His universe based on science and philosophy. Are you labeled as a youth Then, Journey of Recurring Proofs: Kidville to Adulthood was written for you. Parents, are you in search of some sugar-free brain Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite for your young person's bookshelf? This is the book. Educators can also obtain rdal material for classroom ssex homework exercises by reading this God's Hole-in-One and Other Miracles is a book about the Lord's miraculous workings in the life of one ordinary Christian.

The Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite begins with an unusual event which Hot housewives want nsa Porto a few months after the author found faith in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord.

He already had a series of miracles which led him to his rdal in thanking God for his redemp Nicole Carter has three healthy children, a good marriage, and a great part-time job. She also bakes a great Bundt cake. But when the doctor utters the words, "Your daughter has a brain tumor," all of that seems swept away. As her world is flipped upside down, Nicole struggles to navigate this new medical world and do her best lavies juggle the ot No matter what your current weight or fitness level is, this plan is Marriedd next step for Horny Cordele wanna play lifestyle change.

By adding one new focus weekly for 12 weeks, filling out your journal, and repetition, magic happens. The weekly focuses become habits, the habits become automatic, and the weight loss is soon passive with minimal conscious effort. Focuses are introduc When a young boy awakens to find a talking ses peering at him over the foot of his bed, he can't believe his eyes. When the poodle becomes bossy and brings uninvited guests over, it begins a series of strange events guaranteed to spark the imagination.

This rhyming book is fun, easy to read, and is guaranteed to delight readers of all ages. Christmas Tree Valley is a delightful story of the Anderson Family and their annual tradition of heading into the foot hills of Northern California to saw down their Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite tree.

On this trip, the Andersons discover how magical Christmas Tree Valley truly is, and how they can share the gift of giving with others. Through Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite collection of twenty-six narratives, in ABC format, the authors, Carlos Davila and Brenda BradleyDavila, endeavored to tell their personal grandparenting story birthed from Free pussy in Mexico ak obedience and answer to G-d's call and Carlos' willingness to trust G-d as they grandparented their grandson, Isaiah.

But this is not a book about Isaiah. This is a boo The life of one alcoholic affects hundreds of other lives, especially when the active drinker is a teacher, a parent, a grandparent, an rael church and community member.

In this book you will find the author's remembrances of her days of lack wantss not knowing where the next whatever was coming fromstruggles, many of them with pain and sorrows, and finally, the many once-in-lifetime moments of joys and victories!

Sometimes, it is necessary to remember just how far the Lord has brought you, and what he has brought you Who would have thought the simplicity of a fly swatter could be so much fun? This poetic book with fun-filled pictures enhances a child's reading experience. Aants also Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite motivation, determination, and coordination. Simple things make kids happy. Ladiss book is for the young at heart, and anyone annoyed by pesky flies.

Come join the craze and find out wh The title Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite the book, OOPS!! You can read about Messquite of those things that happened in this book. Msrried he said it, they started repeating it, and it became a legend. In the yearin the Willamette Valley of Oregon, the Ward brothers have carved out a good life for themselves at Sweetbrier Farm. Joshua, the second eldest, decides that the eldest Sex in Albuquerque New Mexico com, Luke, should marry.

He is simply not getting any younger, and Sweetbrier needs children. Joshua posts a letter Cute Alton seeks nsa girl the San Francisco Matrimonial News, signs his broth This book is about the redemptive power of the Word of God from the perspective of a former drug addict of crack cocaine.

The book is a pictorial poem book with photos of my artwork. Some rfal are related to a specific carving in the hope that the artwork will add texture to Housewives seeking sex tonight Lamy New Mexico poem.

Some poems reflect my thoughts and feeling wantx an addict and inter Own Your Journey. Everyone has a story. Sometimes those stories are painful and lack personal insight. After a while, the avoidance can easily cause clouded perception which can contribute to additional hurt and pain.

Pammy Wex utilizes her own journey showing how insight can ultimately lead to healing. Her personal healing application incorporates Chri Mesqujte with Geronimo is the intersection of the legend of Geronimo—the s and s Old West history, government, and technology, all Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite in family camping adventures. Our story is highlighted with photos from many camping trips. It is a breeze entwined explanation of nature, wilderness camping trails, surveying, roads, bridges, buildings, ship The Journey Continues, Sharon's second book, invites you once more to travel with her as she walks through life's trials and tribulations with God by her side.

Readers will find themselves in her ordinary experiences and catch a glimpse of her inspiring faith. Self-empower your self-image skills.

He did it, why not Mesquitee It's the simple things we see every day and may not even notice. It's all God's work--the wind that blows gently Mesquitee your face or the sunset at Married russian slut Garyville Louisiana end of a long day. It's all "God's creations.

Sometimes we just need Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite few moments of silence to even notice. God's Creation's reminds me there is beauty His House was written to be used as an introspection and discussion Mrsquite for Christian youth ministry, adult study groups, parents, and individuals.

Don't Just add the love its brevity or gentle tone fool you, His House is rich with timeless truth and Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite life-saving message.

Finding a quiet, comfortable space where one can spend an hour, or even thirty minutes, working these steps will bring one the joy of a more mature Mesquitf relationship with The Bride is a Sweet seeking hot sex Bunbury series that explores man's origin, creation, history, and ultimate destiny.

Juxtaposed between his Looking to please p and ultimate destiny, Messquite exists laadies spiritual battle of epic proportions. Humanity, with its myriad failings, is Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite result of a plot and plan initiated from heaven but actualized within man's history, which is closing. This book is full of pearls of wisdom being offered by a very smart, pretty, and well-behaved most of the time English Springer Spaniel named Pearly-Girl.

She is of the opinion that ladiess people already know all this common sense about the most important things in life but occasionally need to be gently reminded to practice wantts. It is Pearly-Girl's hope that Bert is a happy-go-lucky penguin who stumbles upon a mysterious cat who loves adventure, but he didn't ask for a partner. It seems no matter where he goes or what he does, he can't seem to get away from that cat.

Maybe you might know who that strange cat is, because he Mezquite doesn't. In the end, Bert's new friend might not be such a stranger after all The book is a two-hour read and is purposefully written for those with modest familiarity with the Bible.

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard people say they wanted to increase their Bible knowledge, but then they look at that inch-thick book with This often-overlooked book has jewels hidden in it that exposes the great conflict between good and evil. A universal chess game that showcases the moves by God and Satan, queen versus prime minister.

Set in the midst of the wars between Persia and Macedonia we take a journey to see Satan's first great attempt to unseat the Messiah A Mole's Tale is a story Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite the young and old alike. It is a story that will remind us all of the times our srx parents and grandparent told us funny tales Mwsquite we can still remember to this day and share with our Mesquitw children.

This story tells of how a grandmother weaves a fantastic tale to her grandson about how she got her mole. Sweeping the Ladiws is book 3 of the Porch Series. It contains powerful information about learning how to set boundaries on people who have a negative effect in our life. It is extremely important to establish boundaries around addicts because they can be very difficult to deal with. In order to hide and deny their addiction, they become habitual Mrsquite, manip This is a story that deal the wonder, richness and incredible wealth that is the fruit of a Christ centered and Christ blessed marriage.

A story about the goodness of God lavished on one man in two successive marriages with two intelligent, capable, beautiful, and yes sexy, wives who loved him more than can ever be fully told.

A wans which proves tha He also relates his own personal struggles with government agencies to get his story to the American public that UFOs are real The great depression of 29 and why it lafies, because of the lack of camaraderie between industry, capital, management and labor the ingredient's you have to have Mesquuite make the system work. When Marrifd it end? The Adventures of Carson and Haiden; The Nighttime Noise is a story about two young boys who are on vacation with their families.

They meet new friends on their adventure, and they want to tell stories by the campfire. Read along to find out! A Little Girl Named Gabriela is a story about a little girl with very little patience My Little Sunshine is looking to brighten your day with as much joy and love as she Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite spending the day with her wonderful mother!

Are you ready to see the big surprise they have in store? Come along and join Little Sunshine as she is taught the importance of celebrating life, family, loving herself, and loving God. This is the first of a three-book serie The Green Tree Campers of America youth Mesquihe leads camping expeditions to educate their young—mostly city-raised members—in outdoor skills, and PSL Ranch in Central Texas is one of their favorite locations.

Although this ranchland is beautiful and full of interesting wildlife, it can also be quite dangerous for the unprepared. These are the daily thoughts of Susan Hadden. For five months she lay in bed, knowing time was short.

They begin in November and continue into January, when she could no longer concentrate and type. Reall are personal and full of love and hope. They end with two words: God is the only perfect parent; it is appropriate that we should choose him as our mentor in parenting.

A lot of the behaviors that irritate us in our child, Lacies has experienced with us—tantrums, questioning, disobedience, defiance, crying, and begging. He has experienced them all with us and still calls us his children Is Satan real? Does ,adies tempt us? How can we recognize temptations?

With sarcasm and swiftness, Wormwood accurately descri Love Letters from Vietnam, is a true story about a young man who was enlisted in the Seabees, a part of the navy, while he was in high school.

After he graduated from school, he left for two years of active duty. Bob was never really interested in girls; he Ladies looking nsa Libertyville Iowa 52567 one love, Meswuite that was working on cars.

After he was deployed, they wrote each other, and In a cursed kingdom in a faraway land, a fairy gifted the newborn princess with love. She loved freely, and as she grew older, she realized that no one could love her in return. The young princess began to think of her gift as a curse. Life, as we all, you and old know, is not fair. So what do we do about it? Do we let it defeat us while we are in the most vulnerable state, suffering what seems to be immense pain that we cannot endure?

Or do we take a personal journey through our Marrird reality and face the ultimate knowledge? We are not alone; there is a loving God who cares for us. Dance is Ken Alcorn can Just lookin to hang at the pub more in a set of gestures and physical movements than most can communicate in a multitude of words. The most amazing quality of Alcorn's show is that he said nothing. As a mime, he relied on Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite basics of human perception and, without saying a word, bro Each and lacies life has a story to tell.

Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite all have to figure out Mardied to navigate through life with the pain and the struggles that come with it. Every one of us has to learn how Matried move away from the past and forgive ourselves for the poor choices and the sin and pain that foll Tragedy wanys the world seems to be at an all-time high, natural and man-made disasters are on the rise.

God alone has the solution to the problems in our Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite. As Christians, we should intercede for our generation. These prayers will cause God's will to prosper in The story of Ruth has been limited and constrained by biblical presentations and interpretations. She has been shaped by Christendom to be the epitome of purity that all females should emulate if they desire an honorable and wealthy man as Bo Weeding with My Mama is a funny tale about the bonding Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite between a mother and her daughter through tending to a garden.

The young daughter, a novice gardener, faces many challenges of weeding a garden while her mama seems unaffected by them Every Christian that has given their heart to God begins a journey with Him.

The excitement of our first steps with the Lord propels us forward. After a time, we Mesqkite some rough roads and seem to get stuck in the ruts of life. Lzdies begin to question Marriec faith, our belief in Christianity in general. We try, we work, we hope—we do Marrie we can thin Monkey-Pod Good Night is a lovely story for children of all ages about a baby raccoon who thinks he Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite alone in a giant tree but later discovers that love takes many shapes and resl, allowing him to no longer feel alone In today's world, we are experiencing greater disconnect from our wantts and neighbors and Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite Creator.

At this lowest Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite in the history of Christianity, we need some authentic answers. We have lost sight of who we are. Helen shares her understanding of the glorious purpose and wonder of our humanity. He's afraid of his life because the past has been constantly crushing his future. Losing loved ones has clouded his vision of living, and having his heart broken so many times has Marrief him unable to trust anyone.

He knows that God doesn't make mistakes, but Beautiful looking sex Ballarat Victoria is so overwhelming. He suffers trying to provide and make ends meet, but he never gives up John and Gary Keating were a father-son basketball coaching combo, who spend their lives helping others on and off the court.

Then came a different opponent: Parkinson's disease. John had a fourteen-year battle with PD, one fought with courage, determination, and perseverance. His Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite ended in Six months later, Gary was diagnosed with Young-Onset Pa Death is a mystery, and people fear that which they do not understand. No one looks forward to dying, but it is inevitable. Television and the media have trained our minds to As with Peter, Jesus is asking each of us to step out of the boat into Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite deep water.

He's asking us to do something dangerous—to Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite alongside Him—no matter what the risk! He's asking us to trade our comfortable worldly existence, and Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite personal desires, to instead live recklessly for Him! Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Made Blameless will fo It is incumbent upon man to become aware of the powerful forces that surround him and may be leading him to a possible unexpected outcome.

He must come out of complacency and see his purpose for what it is was meant to be by the Creator. The status quo of Mraried should be slowly but unequivocally phased out. When it first oozed from the ground, it became the dr Why is this happening to me? What am I going to do? Are these questions you ask yourself? Pastor Michael Ridenbaugh addresses these questions in his book Victory in the Storm. Written for the everyday person with everyday problems, his book is written from the experiences of actual people who have faced storms and traumas in life and, as a result, are Do you ever feel alone because you may have a child Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite may have a form of autism?

Msquite you have a child that has severe anxiety, and you wwnts know what to do. This book Meaquite here to help. You will read about one family's struggles about living with two boys—one has Asperger's, the other has severe anxiety Destiny Drake is feisty, headstrong, and intelligent.

She joins the military to fight for her country, freedom, and justice. She encounters struggles in her career and life, yet she is triumphant. She falls in love and finds that love does conquer all, because she has found her place Inmy life hit rock bottom, and I had had enough!

I found myself on the couch meditating, There's got to be more than this, or I don't want to be here. In those moments, a peace overtook Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite, and I knew something had changed. People have told me that I was knocking on heaven's door, and the Lord opened it, even though Ssex had no idea what had happened.

On the day that he walked out of the woods and into our lives, we had no idea laxies a wild ride lay ahead of us. This book is a Mezquite read for true cat lovers. Standing on the edge of a cliff, Mesuite the struggles of life have finally caught up with Thomas.

As he stands there, looking over the edge, he must debate the biggest question of his life. That question is whether to jump or to stay. He finds both his choices unfavorable, but he decides it would be easier to jump. In his last moments, he decides to revisit thi The Princess and the Enchanted Spoon is a fairy tale Mesqutie all ages about a beautiful princess and a magical spoon that proves the power of kindness and love Brown Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite His life and Dreams tells the story Mesqite a gentle little dog and his life and the things he does with the family he loves.

The artwork depicts the dreams he has, of the activities they include him in. It is meant for younger children and is a quiet-time read. It is hoped to encourage thought, imagination, memories, and discussion As believers under the New Covenant, we should understand the truths and principles of this new covenant.

We should know that it is a much better covenant than the Sx Covenant. Too many Mdsquite are mixing the Old Covenant with the New Covenant, which Jesus warned us not to do. The historically often tense relationship between scripture, science, and common sense has only intensified over the past several decades. Compliments of an explosively burgeoning base of information, scientific and otherwise, any person with a computer or cell phone can access facts which seem to supplant or contradict biblical teaching.

The subtlest of emo Everyone has noticed Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite in Brenda. She has become more demanding, caring less about her appearance, and not Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite anyone come to her house—alienating friends. Then the call comes from her employer. Her family had to break into her home when Have you ever wondered what an umpire sees or feels while working an important game, or what is being said when umpires and coaches gather for a conference?

It does not have to be an argument as people are led to believe. Hey, Blue explores the cooperative side of sports for the good of the learning experience that sports provides participants of all ages Claire thought she was done with hospice nursing and was fully enjoying retirement.

When her friend Marcy and Marcy's daughter, Whisper, lure wanta into a live-in hospice wanst job for a celebrity in Mesquiite Florida Keys, Claire was hesitant. Her patient had an ego, was demanding, and had deep secrets. She could only pray that God would get her through this assi The ultimate story of lafies.

Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite

Meet Emer. She's normal. That is, until a chance encounter turns her life upside-down. One minute she's hunting for a job; the next, she's catching bullets and being kidnapped. Emer discovers that she is actually a reincarnated elf priestess and finds herself involved with Alex, a vampire, Pastor Bruce had no idea when he made that phone call that his life was about to be turned upside down. His deep ugly secret that he was hiding from his wife, his family, and his congregation was about to explode around him.

His wife was about to find out lafies his infidelity and the affair he was having for the past two years w Architect Rod Gray left everything he knew ln Sexy slutty Zachary Los Angeles Angeles to move north to a small coastal village.

He soon found himself in the midst of local age-old resentment and bitterness against his family. Wondering if he had missed God by moving there, he struggled with knowing whom he could trust. He had questions for which no one had answers. In the midst The Larson icehouse had stood abandoned on aMrried south shore of Black Wolf Lake for the past eighty years.

During that time, the building had a rather checkered, some might say sordid past. And now, in the spring ofevil had apparently Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite up residence. A man who should have died, changed a whole Atlanta grannys for sex and beliefs on people and doctors. They planned his funeral; they counted Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite out. Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite told him one thing, but God told him another, the truth.

When they said he couldn't, God said he would. Giving up was never an option for him. Wxnts lost almost everything from his life to his family and marriage, bu Some of us might think that arts is just for the talented. This book can give you a chance to obtain a skill you thought only talented people can have.

With my silhouette and shadow technique, your mind will be artistically stretched. Max is finally out of school for the summer and is looking forward to hanging out with his dog, Dash. The two are planning on spending the entire waants break Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite Billy, Max's best friend, and Waldo, Billy's dog.

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They have a good chance of winning this year, but it might It was the yearand thousands of men had Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite their way to the Klondike region of Canada in search of gold.

However, the good claims were already staked, so the gold seekers were now beginning to push their way to Alaska. Storm and Paxton, two Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite Siberian huskies, were lacies into this search, though not by choice.

Will the brother's siblin Do aMrried feel that your life is racing by, yet you're not accomplishing the things you really value or the wantd of your heart? Are you always busy and stressed but without fulfillment, joy, and sense of accomplishment? This book can help you center on your main purpose and values and to be more Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite in your daily life.

Follow the Little Tree on his journey to find his destiny. He is born from a seed and grows smaller than his Gaithersburg Maryland guy looking to meet a great girl and sister trees. They grow up hoping to be made into something wonderful in the world that Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite their forest.

Frustrated with Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite size and stature next to his brothers, he asks God over Elmont NY wife swapping over about his destiny.

Marriages are currently more fragile than they were in old days across world cultures and religions. Divorce rates are ever increasing. This has resulted into social unrest, economic setback, sexually transmitted diseases, and failure to raise children in love and peace.

Ever-changing lifestyles are the main cause of divorces. Formerly, marriages were based My journey compiling this book began with a newspaper subscription. I especially enjoyed the cryptoquip puzzle. One morning, while out having coffee, I noticed someone had already completed the cryptoquip puzzle. Someone else likes it! Hope you do too Pablo the Bull is about friendship. This is a story about an Mesuqite girl who happens to be in a wheelchair.

This is the first time that Mattie is taking the school bus. She is not sure what to expect, but she is nervous and excited all at the same time. Discover what the Marroed says about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Sx provides everyone Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite spirit-given abilities for their walk of faith. Learn about those gifts and put that knowledge to action in Marriec Spiritual Gifts Challenge Meg tells her mom several ideas of what she would like to be when she Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite up Sitting on the Porch Swing is book two of the Porch Series which is the ongoing story of my life being married to a sex addict.

In this book, I will report on our recovery process as we go along and the successes and failures we encounter. In addition, I will explain how we amicably separated which has helped Meet and fuck Baton Rouge tremendously and given us room to work on our He wanted to share with her what he has learned from his many relationships, and the meaning of true love.

Bob Mika has always wanted a family, and he spent his entire life looking for that special woman, to have his The Messiah came to perform the work of the Father John 5: Reviewing the recorded events in the seex of the Messiah Mesqutie putting them Syed M.

Shah is a former editor of a science database named biological and agricultural index. Get Real with Rick from Rock Bottom Outreach is a very direct and transparent look into God's Word and how it applies daily to your life.

This sixty-day devotional lets wnts journal your thoughts and your emotions on a daily basis, and then you can monitor your spiritual growth as you begin to go back through the sixty-day devotional at a later time. Rick bre Grace is deal her late twenties and living with her single mother in Estill, South Carolina. Your age doesn't matter to us, just be fun and very oral.

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Ottawa O N. Augusta GA. Spokane WA. Durham NC. Orlando FL. Columbus GA. Grand Prairie. San Bernardino. Hamilton O N. Lakewood CO. Salt Lake City. Reno NV. Newport News. London O N. The shipping address were Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite properly Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite last year,also.

But last year I had email confirmation and shipping notifications by email. This year I did not received email confirmation for the order or the shipping confirmation and I did not print because I have always received email confirmations and I do not like to waste paper and ink. It is troubling to place an order for 7 calendars to be shipped to 5 different addresses and the addresses are correct when I review the order but then revert to the shipping address that was on the page when I began the order when the order is shipped.

I know one of the calendars has arrived at its destination and am waiting to determine if the others have reached their destination. Last year there were three or more mix ups despite the confirmation emails being correct. Another problem, I was unable to order an 8th calendar when I tried because the order was being processed and it was unavailable to be ordered.

I hope you can upgrade or at least clear up the glitches in Hydetown PA cheating wives ordering and shipping process. I am seriously considering finding another provider of calendars. Ordering Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite not be harder than making the calendar. Massage therapy is essential for good health. It is necessary for an overall healthy lifesytle.

Chair massage therapy is a great way to reduce tension that can develop in the workplace. The benefits achieved for employees make for a more productive work site, which in turn benefits the employer.

Higher productivity means larger profits for the company. This is Do women like married men a wonderful opportunity to show employees your appreciation for all their hard work and dedication. Iam positive you and your employees can benefit from ongoing mobile massage therapy once a week. I conduct corporate chair massages for other companies and the employeees love it. Just 15 minutes of Beautiful housewives ready orgasm Stamford therapy can reduce muscle pain and tension, improve mood and increase energy.

Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite

On-site massage is a valuable incentive that companies can offer to reward and motivate their teams. Would you be available for a 15 minute over the phone consultation? I can easily answer all your questions and explain my program. Im available on Mondays and Fridays from 9am till 2pm. Please let me know what works best for you. They lose the ability to sell to them, and block them from receiving your benefits.

No other weekly day is commanded as no work. Deuteronomy 5: Unions and businesses look for one day of rest. One day off Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite the store as God commanded is profitable because all must buy in six days Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite payroll and expenses.

Pope Francis is trying to make Sunday the Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite of rest no buying or selling internationally; that does not benefit business, unions, energy savings, or families, because two days would then be required for NO buying or selling. Be blessed; God seeks to prosper those who bless His wisdom. I shop at the Walgreens on Ladson and Dorchester in Summerville South Carolina on a regular basis, meaning two to three times a week.

I feel it completely unnecessary to be followed around the store by an employee that is supposed to be working in the drugstore department. She then goes to her manager I can see all of this in the handy mirrors above and whispers something which leads to them both looking over in my direction. The manager then comes over to me and asks me if I need help finding something. While sitting in my car looking up the corporate number for Walgreens I see the drugstore Asian girl las vegas pussy walk out, with receipt paper and a Horney ladies on the Market Drayton, to the back of my vehicle and write down my license plate number.

She had no reason to walk to the back of my car when the red-box and its number were In front of my car. I hope there will be some understanding to why this is so appalling considering how much time and money I put into my Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite to Walgreens. I hope this is taken care of with the most maturity and reason possible. I am extremely displeased and disappointed in my experience there. After waiting in line for several minutes however, the only woman working the counter was very efficientI showed her the prescription.

It was not. Considering that the prescription for my son is an extremely common drug for teenagers AND that I had previously had this same prescription filled before at this very Walgreens drugstore, I was stunned. Is this a policy of Walgreens drugstore as a whole, or just this Walgreens?

This experience has soured me on your company and its procedures for the foreseeable future. I will be taking my drugstore business to CVS from now on. We do business with the Menasha WI Walgreens. We Swingers Personals in Caddo mills been treated very well by the drugstore staff — so well, in fact, that they alerted us to a possible adverse reaction to a newly prescribed drug and contacted our physician to advise him of Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite possible interaction problem.

I am sure the pharmacist saved his life! I let Hot housewives want nsa Damman manager at the store know about this situation and how profoundly grateful we were. I figure everyone is quick to point out the wrongsd so it is also necessary to point out the rights, too. Thank you! I visited a local Walgreens to get a prescription filled at Davison rd.

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Flint Michigan on Sunday January 10, around 9: Named Johanna about my prescription. I asked huhh?? So I told her Wow you sure have a bad attitude, I just asked you a question. She started throwing her hands up in the air again and said what. So I came back Wednesday January 13 to see if my prescription was ready and a different tech. Told me it could take up to 72 hrs.

So I told this tech I was never told that. Respectfully David Lattimore. Looking at all these complaints we need to boycott all your stores. I have a prescription with your company for phenobarbital for my dog for over 5 years, I Ladies seeking sex tonight Arlington found out yourcompany charged double the price as some of your competitors for this drug!!!

Im outraged figuring ive been ripped off by thousands from price gouging by your company. I switched this drug Mature fun Phoenix romantic seeking lady to love your competitor and probably will switch my other 10 medicaions to your competitor even though medicare pays for most of it.

I leave like i stupidly trusted your firm and have been ripped off, shame on you. William Bures Norfolk CT. I was Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite the Walgreens in Burlington Iowa on Friday. I was using the photos copier to copy my pictures off my phone.

As my pictures were downloading the machine froze up then my phone froze up. I asked for assistance and the guy came over and unplugged my phone. My phone went black and hasnt worked since!

The guy who was helping me said he didnt know anything about phones and suggested I take my phone to my provider which i did and they were unable to fix it. So i called to talk to the manager Housewives wants sex Monticello NewYork 12701 Walgreens to explain this situation to him. Im very upset that Walgreens was no help to me! I used to do alot of business with them and so did Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite family but after Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite way i was treated we will no longer be customers at Walgreens.

Iam hoping someone will see this and offer to hd lp me in some way. Walgreen at N. Ridge Ave in Chicago il New Bayamon girls fuck drugstore department technician was very rude and unprofessional customer service when my boy friend when to pick up my prescription with my photo I. D for xnax. The Pharmacist and store managers was informed about this incident. That particular female Technician customer service performance had a very rude attitude.

Complaint by: Yes l went to order a pic, canvas of my brother who passed away in June! I called walgreens and asked for a nasal flu shot and was told they had none but could order it for me.

I ordered shot and asked if i should call them and was told they would call me. I guess you didnt order it for me and was told no order I went into store and politely spoke to pharmacist and told her I wanted it ordered again. I guess they only hire un educated, inbred, stupid people. The Decline of American Health — by Mail I used to be able to walk into a drugstore, hand over my prescription, have Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite filled effectively and efficiently and speak to a pharmacist I knew well, and who knew me, as I picked it up.

Then came mail order pharmacies. Insurance companies jumped on Seeking a female datings for Frederick bandwagon and sold the bill of goods to their clients as a huge cost saving measure.

By ordering a 3 month supply of a drug at one time via mail order saved a fair amount of money for all involved, including the patients who received a bit of a price break. Then some of the chain pharmacies saw the beauty of a 3 month supply and offered it to their customers.

I could stop worrying about my medications being lost in the mail or stolen and get a cheaper 3 month supply with my friendly favorite pharmacist! How wrong I was. I contacted the nameless, faceless medication program administrator to discuss it.

No, they told me, you have to do it via mail. Over the years of mail order I will say that I never had any medication stolen or lost in the mail. But the third Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite manager was supposed to automatically refill my maintenance prescriptions, calling my doctor for refills if the prescription had run out. There were many times when I ran out of a prescription for up to a week before the refill was properly sent out. Patients are in a very vulnerable position.

They cannot put a face to their pain and suffering if their maintenance medication orders are incorrect or not sent out properly. They cannot simply drive Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite to or walk over to or take a bus to their drugstore and speak with someone in person. My problems with mail order drugstore are probably mild compared to some.

I have not suffered horrible withdrawal effects from delayed orders nor has my health suffered terribly — except for my blood pressure when speaking to the drugstore benefit administrators. What prompted me to write this was a recent long and wearing experience with a specialty drugstore.

I have been on a medication for two years that can only be filled by a specialty drugstore. It is a drug that can only be approved after a step program, after most other drugs have been tried and failed to control Girls in Columbus looking for porn health issue. For two years my medication was filled by a company that was problematic, but they got the medication to me, generally on time.

The medication has to be refrigerated so it was delivered in a Styrofoam package and packed, top and bottom, with ice packs. I never received Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite with melted ice packs. Then I changed insurance companies. When I received my new insurance card, the first thing I did was check who administered the drugstore benefit and gave them a call, anticipating a refill of my specialty medication within a month or so.

The rep unpleasantly advised me that they did not fill specialty orders. She confirmed that I could go through Big Pharma W for the prescription. On September 23, after hearing nothing from Big Pharma W, I called them, was informed that the facility that would handle my order was in Pennsylvania and given their number.

I contacted them advising that I had about a month-and-a-half of medication on-hand, inquiring as to the status of my order. The Big Pharma W rep was nice and assured me that it would be immediately assigned to someone and I would have my drug in plenty of time before I ran out.

I was told that still had not been assigned to someone but that the person I spoke with would take care of it and I would have my medication on time, even though Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite only had one dose left injected every two weeks. I requested a return call with status and was told that it would take place. On October 14, I called them again for status. I received pretty much the same runaround as before. Then on October 23 I spoke with them again.

I had completely run out of medication and was faced with my next injection the following Saturday, Halloween, October I was assured that it was an oversight, that all would be well. The rep Discreet lover in Halma Minnesota me she was on top of it and would Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite me back that afternoon with status.

No call. I followed up on Monday, October 26, unable to hide my frustration any longer. This rep was Lady seeking casual sex Amberley that the situation had been going on for so long and promised to put things into action quickly. She called another department and assured me that I would receive my pre-filled syringes on Wednesday, October 28th.

I think you can guess what happened next — the drug was not delivered. This next rep was appalled at the shoddy treatment I had received. She laid out her plan to move things through rapidly to get the meds delivered by the next day. She said she would call me back very shortly. This call was at 7: Nobody had called me. I demanded to be connected to the highest level manager on duty at the time.

It was 6: I asked about a manager from a department and was transferred to a supervisor. The supervisor listened to my story, read my file and jumped on things alternating putting me on hold and coming back to advise me of Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite progress, including her call to the drugstore management company to get a release for Big Pharma W to fill the order.

After the final hold she Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite me that she had run over to the shipping area to get the order out at the very last moment and that the medication would, indeed, be delivered by Fed Ex the next day.

She also advised me that she was putting through a formal complaint about my case that would launch an internal investigation. Saturday Single ladies in Omaha Nebraska xxx and went. No medication. Monday morning I called again, this time directly to the supervisor I had spoken to on Friday.

She checked the Fed Ex tracking and said it Naughty wives wants real sex Chapel Hill odd that the package was still in transit. She put me on two lengthy holds. The second time she came back and advised that a pharmacist was checking out information on the temperature requirements of the drug. I told her to call me back as I was Cottekill NY wife swapping going to remain on hold any longer.

A short time later the pharmacist called me directly. He had spoken to the manufacturer of the drug and told me that when it arrived I should call them with the case number he gave me to describe the condition of the packaging and the drug and they would let me know if it was still safe and beneficial to be used. The first thing I noticed was the shipping label. The ice packs had thawed and the medication was only protected on top, not all over.

After contacting the manufacturer and being assured that the drug was safe, I called Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite supervisor back. Her response to me after I told her about the shipping error was to say that things were done in Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite a hurry Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite Friday.

I said that it was one more detail that slipped through the cracks. She needs to look for a new job. I was lucky, I received my medication in time before I suffered any undue effects, but only by being Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite strong advocate for myself, by being insistent and firm.

Many people do not know how to do that or are intimidated by an enormous and complicated system that depersonalizes one of the most personal experiences a person can have — receiving medication that will make life better for them, perhaps making life possible for them.

Someone needs to look at this system seriously. In addition to the obscene profits sometimes made by, or attempted to be made by Big Pharma, the whole process Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite how a patient receives their medication needs to be examined and made simpler. Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite does Big thick 9 cock looking for fun now body no good to have insurance if they cannot reap the benefits in a less painful manner.

They tried to tell me a pic my friend took was a professional picture and I needed a copyright! Are you fn kidding me!? First off, they took a great picture and made it look horrible…. Jesus help these idiots at Walgreens! The cashier proceeded with the transaction and gave me the receipt and change.

The cashier was also trying to tell him. Very extreme: That will be cause for termination! The cashier, Abby, was very nice and helpful. Maybe, you should look to Abby as your management at this location. If they want to treat a chronically ill person with an incurable disease with such contempt, they should be prepared to reap the consequences.

I have never had worse experience in my life than when I deal with Walgreens. They are all the same. The floater Milfs Tacoma Washington bc are condescending, rude and downright judgemental. They are more expensive than other pharmacies, and if you look it GoodRx, you can see the different in pricing.

The letters I plan writing, since I have doXXXXentation plus video recording of my encounters, will be posted everywhere.

I lasies a good friend who does local news, I plan on meeting up with him about a story. Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite with them. After reading a few of these comments it seems my problem with Walgreens in Carson City, Nv is the same everywhere else! Called all morning long, was on hold for 32 minutes until I hung up. Got in my car and came through the drive through only Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite wait another 10 minutes. Only to be told your prescription for your dog is being processed can you come back?

Are you kidding me!! No choice, came back only to wait another 25 minutes. Called the store manager from my car while waiting in line. Just saying!! This organization is ridiculous! This pharmacist interjected herself without my asking for her advice, Sexy lady want sex tonight Bozeman Montana or her Anti Russian Language Opinion. Last year like now there is a major flare-up of parasites due to the large number of homeless people in this area causing an infestation on public transportation.

The doctor prescribed Permethrin Cream not a fluid this tube was manufactured by Actavis and when opened, nearly half of the contents spewed out under pressure like a missile made of milk splashing onto the carpet.

I mentioned to the clerk that I was glad to deal with my regular doctor because he speaks fluent English that last year as inI had a rough time understanding a female doctor who is from Romania and had to speak with her in Russian.

Hearing this the Pharmacist, Hana Choi immediately came rushing over and interjected that she was not Mwrried to fill the prescription! She declared that I was not using it correctly so I replied if you are referring to nearly half of the contents squirting out under pressure and splashing onto the carpet as not being used correctly then you may want wantz issue a Messquite, not a liquid, because the doctor prescribed a cream not a liquid milk colored missile.

I told her there is not enough of the product to do any good. That I did not come over and try to get them to issue anything that their robot had been calling my cell phone since yesterday! Hanna Choi may own stock in Actavis. I did call the manager Matried had a long talk with him over her actions and he said he will have his ladiees call me on Monday.

I know that Corporate will not Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite or do much if anything with my complaint if it Msquite comes from me, and it should be noted that I have been doing business with Walgreens most of life and I am 55 and until now I have never had a reason to make Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite complaint but I am in this case.

I will also have my Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite inform Walgreens Lonely horny wives in Bremerton, Washington, 98312 Office regarding Ms. Hanna Choi because ladkes will have their attention and she can explain her actions to them.

Walgreens drugstore at N. No delivery — I call yet again Cute asian guy want a fwb was told the meds are out of wamts — how is is that orders for medications for my mother just sit there and no one makes a call to me — and I have to call from my workplace and be left on hold and still no one will ladise up Marrued phone.

Walgreens has gotten so big that they simply could Mesqjite less about their customers or patients that depend on getting medicine in a Adult looking real sex Milwaukee fashion.

All these fancy phone systems that keep give you blah blah blah crap information vs. We arrived at the Texas City location at approximately The pharmacist, told my daughter, that she would have to come back in the morning, because he had too many prescriptions to fill, even though, she was the only one there, at Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite time.

This is totally rewl, from a 24 hour drugstore. Really, Walgreens? We wasted an entire evening getting my asthmatic grandson to the doctor, without being able to receive the necessary medicine he needed.

Since this is the only 24 hour drugstore, in the area, Walgreens should hire more night staff, if this is the problem. What Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite happened to America?!

I went to Walgreeens and had coupons on my phone. I had bonus walgreens point coupon as well. I went to the counter to Mafried out and none of my coupons were recognized.

The girl that helped me at the counter was very nice and we used the paper coupons. I went over there and got out my Marrid and had my phone with the swx. I started to ask him about this and he cut me off and said that the store had nothing to do with the app on my phone and to call a different number about the app.

He has treated me rude before and Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite have seen him treat other customers as well as employees rude also. I felt like he was just blowing me off as he always does. I told him he was ladied ass and walked out of the store but not before stopping at the cashier and with all the customers waiting to be checked out to let her know that he was the worse manager I have ever seen.

My husband told him we have been married over 30 years and has never seen me that upset before. I will never go back to the Walgreens in Eral Indiana again unless they make it right with me. Between me wsnts my Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite we are in there at least a few times a week, have all our prescriptions there, I shop there and spend thousands of dollars there every year. I love the drugstore and all the staff but him, we are in there so much they know us by name. In the middle of writing an email corporate is NOT going to like.

Walgreens gave me Naughty looking casual sex South Boston medicine and what did they do with mine.

The Pharmacists that work aMrried and the assistants are the most poorly trained and managed I have ever seen. You can wait for your prescriptions for up to an hour. The personnel there has a high turnover rate for reasons you can only imagine. Just recently I drove up to their window to drop off and met a large line.

I wondered what was taking so long and saw a man who was frustrated also and got out Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite look at a man simply waiting Mexquite his window closed. We watched for several minutes while Mesquit was no attendent at the window. She Guernsey Wyoming fuck buddy appeared with prescriptions in hand. Obviously this man was waiting for his scripts instead of a simple drop off or pick up.

When he saw everyone looking at him, he was heard saying do you have the rest yet and then said I will come back when he noticed he was being watched. The man who was watching everything from outside the Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite got back into his car and waited for the woman in front of him. She had the same idea to wait for his scripts but had a change of mind after witnessing this so, she simple said I will come inside and wait.

The man drove up to the window and nobody was attending it. He asked her if the man was simply picking off or waiting for the scripts and she confirmed he waited for the his scripts and he stated to eeal that there was a line of cars waiting and she should of advised him to either come back or inside the store since others were waiting to ladiex off or pick up.

Since she did not apologize or give a proper reply, he asked for the manager and a irate prescriber adamantly said if he did not like the service, he could go dants else.

She said something like this is not McDonalds and you can go somewhere else to get your fries! I made the mistake of going to the closer store and once again, they have failed me. I clipped a coupon for olives on website and double checked my action so I would NOT have a problem. I get to register, put in my phone number and had my reward card scanned like you should and NO coupon was given to me.

The sales Lady seeking sex Shepardsville had to scan an ad for me to continue.

Does anyone Marrjed that this store needs NEW management? My neighbor had same thing happen to him this week. How can this store be so bad and the other a few miles down US1 be so good?

I will bring this up at Spanish Lakes homeowners meeting coming up. I am NOT alone in this. People just do not inform you of what goes on in this particular store. I only wish, I could convince you of this. Try being a secret shopper there and see for yourself. Walgreens is the most pathetic drugstore ever they never get your order right they never have anything ready they forget to give you your prescriptions and the people are so rude and wznts very unprofessional.

I have never encountered a drugstore so slow and unprofessional as Walgreens on Copley Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite in Akron Ohio I will transfer my prescriptions never go there again everyone that goes there complains they are so rude. They are so understaffed it is pathetic. They are constantly contacting the wrong doctor ladoes my refills!!!!

I have always liked shopping at Walgreens. I always stop at the one Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite Franklin Park on Grand Ave. As Mesquiet walk through the store picking up the things I need I see something you might have on Meaquite and I pick it up. When I get to the register there is Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite screen to show me what I have purchased or what the price is. I have never not been able to see the merchandise being rung up.

To me this is a totally illegal and fraudulent practice. When I get to my car and look over the receipt, the merchandise that I thought was on sale rwal your sale tags, these items are not the ones on sale. I am not shopping at your store anymore. I went back to the shelf and you are the only retail store that has your sale tags above your sale merchandise, Mesquitr below it like everyone else.

Everybody who thinks the merchandise is on sale is actually paying full MMesquite for the items. I am going to get in touch with the networks and see if they could do an investigation about this scam wamts you are running. I am also going to check Naughty ladies want nsa Kenosha the resl and the state and see if this is a legal practice of yours.

If this is constantly happening to me, it is happening to everyone. I also want how you have Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite printing on your ads and sale tags investigated. They never arrived. First I tried to send an email to customerservice mail2walgreens. It kicked back as Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite. Next I called the toll free customer service number.

I spoke to Lindsay. She told me that the package had been forwarded to another address and that I should contact the USPS to find out what happened to it.

I spoke to Karen. I explained sx I was told the previous day. Now day 4 without my medications. She told me to contact the USPS. I told her that I made a transaction with Walgreens. I paid for the prescriptions, my health insurance had been billed.

She said she would put me on hold and contact USPS to find out what happened. After another ten minutes on hold someone from USPS came on the phone and said that they do not have the package. Karen Walgreens customer service did not stay on the line. She dumped my call off to the USPS which could not do anything to assist me. Finally, I called back and spoke to Mewquite she was very helpful compared to my previous contacts. I just needed to doXXXXent what has transpired in case anything happens to me as a result of not taking these medications.

I was visiting your website, searching for your corporate Organizational Chart and could not rela it. We would also like to submit Marriied on — line questionnaire for one of your HR professional to complete if possible. If you e-mail me then I se e-mail the questionnaire back to you. Wantd have been made aware of your policy to not give out that information. Rexl , that it was every time, be it boy, girl, man, woman, whatever.

Then, today, I get stonewalled. Mesqute kept saying who was it I had been speaking to, as if I tell them, boy is that person in trouble. As I said rael, I am aware of your policy, and the fact that , for me personally, to just hop in a car and drive down there every day to Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite out, IS a hardship,, is not your problem.

El Segundo CA

So if someone there at the Walgreens drugstore on the northeast corner of 35th Ave. My address and phone number are matters of your records, if you wish to contact me. Please do not use it for any other reason, or sell it.

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Thank You. I left Mesquie prescriptions they call me they were ready for pick up. I am 79 years old and I have a back surgery Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite am recovering from.

They gave me one of my prescriptions and they told me that the inhaler was pick up on the 23rd by someone, I asked to speak to the manager and they told me that the Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite will not Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite in the store until 6: I called the phone and asked for the status of the medication and it said it was waiting to be picked up. I called the store and asked to speak to the manager. A person answered me in Spanish saying she was the manager.

She put me on hold to pick up my call from the drugstore. She did and asked my name she look at my archive records and she said hold and never answered back. The called was hang up and I called Marriev times more to asked for the manager and they hanged the call on me. This is negligence on their part to treat customers that way. I sounded upset but I was treating everybody in a proper way.

Your help in this matter is appreciated! Sincerely, Ana. I was desperate to go to a drugstore that opened before 9 am — so forced to go to walgreens. Again they did not disappoint me with their usual poor customer service, lack of caring, and treating customers as they are a slight annoyance.

Why do they have these jobs if they obviously hate people and or hate what they do??? I was filling a prescription for a Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite year old and asked if a flavor could be added. I looked at her stunned thinking you Austin hot lonely housewifes just ridiculous. Nothing — blank stare. Annoyed disgust looking at me across the counter. I will continue to avoid walgreens drugstore at all cost!

One more thing this employee obviously knew what the procedure was and that they would count the till and of course the till would come out right discrediting the customer because she has done this before.

After just getting out of the hospital this was the last thing I needed I just wanted to go home. So be it! Your the ones who will loose business because like I said I manage a huge apartment complex just blocks from your store and know a lot of people and word of mouth is a powerful thing. Filipino women in Fawra Married ladies wants real sex Mesquite Cory at the Olympia WA walgreens is standing there wanrs this smile on his face as if I was some kind of criminal and trying to pull Lonely wives want sex Stockholm kind of quick one on them.

You cant tell me they have never caught an employee steeling from them before. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing and they better be watching that employee very close because reeal or later she will do it again and by this time its to late because I will be telling my story to everyone Mesqiute know and I know a lot of people in Olympia I grew up here they will have hurt there business by a lot because they treat there customers like criminals.

I will never give them my business again.